Former GOP Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman Jr. for Secretary of State?

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Former GOP Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman Jr. for Secretary of State?. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The  AP reports White House officials suggest Jon Huntsman Jr., former Republican presidential candidate and  Obama’s ambassador to China, might be a candidate for Secretary of State. I thought Jon Huntsman was the most credible candidate among the slate of GOP presidential candidates but he just couldn’t appeal to Republican voters.

“Huntsman is still widely respected by the administration even if he’d hoped to unseat Obama. Choosing Huntsman would allow the president to claim bipartisanship while putting an Asia expert in the job at a time when the U.S. is focusing more attention on the world’s most populous continent.”

KSL-TV: “The speculation caught many political observers off guard. Some told us that taking another job in the Obama administration might make it hard, if not impossible, for him to run as a Republican again for the White House.”

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  • ricohflex

    Jon Huntsman as candidate and Rubio as VP candidate may have won the election.
    But silly Republican Party got infected by Tea Party extremists, Karl Rove pulling the strings.
    Romney was a bad choice and he still has not revealed his 10 years’ tax returns after losing.