Obama Stronghold Cuyahoga County OH, Which Includes Cleveland, Poised to Surpass 2008 Turnout

Remember Republicans pushing the line that the Democrats wouldn’t be able to match their 2008 numbers? That could prove false, as half of the registered voters in Cuyahoga county, which includes Cleveland, had cast ballots by 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. That means they are poised for record turnout, which should push the numbers significantly higher giving the president the edge he needs to win Ohio.

Despite widespread fears of polling problems in one of Obama’s key strongholds, voting has gone on with few snags throughout the day, according to elections officials. There were a handful of problems with paper ballots not entering electronic voting machines correctly, but those have been corrected without any lost votes.

“We’ve continued to have a smooth election day,” said Jane M. Platten, director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

Early voting allowed 27 percent of Cuyahoga’s voters to cast ballots by the end of Monday. On Tuesday, officials called a sampling of precincts and reported that an estimated 23 percent of the county’s voters had so far cast ballots on election day itself, with potentially busy late afternoon and evening hours still to come. Source

The same holds true of northern Virginia, that has seen record turnout in densely populated counties, that should bode well for President Obama.