Republican Party Begins Mitt Romney Purge At Record Speed After Blistering Loss to Barack Obama

Mitt Romney, Mr. 1% - Cartoon
Republican Party Begins Mitt Romney Purge At Record Speed After Blistering Loss to Barack Obama (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

The Mitt Romney purge is underway at record speed. There’s nothing about Mitt Romney’s failed presidential campaign that any potential candidates on either side of the aisle would like to emulate and with good reason. The man was a walking disaster area that we would be best served to erase from memory. He ran on nothing and seriously misjudged the majority of American voters.

Ben Smith: “There appears to be no Romney Republicanism to propagate. No Romney strategy to emulate. No Romney technology to ape. No generation shaped by his failed effort. And no Romney infrastructure to inherit, though he may still be asked to write and bundle quite a few checks…”

“Romney is being erased with record speed from his party’s books for three reasons. First, many Republicans backed him because they thought he had a good chance of winning; that appeal, obviously, is gone. Second, Romney had shallow roots, and few friends, in the national Republican Party. And those shallow roots have allowed Republicans to give him a new role: As a sort of bad partisan bank, freighted with all the generational positions and postures that they are looking to dump.”

Mitt Romney won’t be remembered for running a technologically driven campaign but one that managed to insult and alienate a big chunk of Americans, including blacks, Hispanics, women, the gay community and young voters. He will be the butt of jokes in the near future and dismissed as a man whose only ambition was to ascend the presidency. He will be mocked for his attack on Big Bird, binders full of women, dismissing 47 percent of Americans as deadbeats, ¬†shameful lie about Chrysler outsourcing Jeep jobs to China, refusing to release more than a year and one-half of tax returns, stashing a big chunk of his money in offshore bank accounts, claiming President Obama won reelection because of gifts to blacks, Hispanics and young voters, his wife owning a couple Cadillacs and many more memorable lines and lies from the campaign trail.

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