The Republican Party has a Big Problem Named Karl Rove

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  Rove spends more for Republican candidates than the NRSC and the NRCC. He’s running things. Rove is definitely a problem.”

— GOP strategist Rick Tyler, interviewed by BuzzFeed, on the power of Karl Rove in the Republican party.

My two cents:  From his questionable relationship with Fox News and his on-air confrontation with voting analysts at the network over calling Ohio for President Obama, as well as the super PACs he is connected with, it is evident that the Republican Party has a problem named Karl Rove. It’s hysterically funny that he spent millions to defeat President Obama and other Democratic candidates and they all won. His negative ads had virtually no effect on how people voted.

The reality the Republican Party faces is two-fold — the  dark money and Super PACs didn’t deter voters from supporting President Obama and his win leaves them with a demographic dilemma:

If Prince William looks like the future of the country, Democrats have so far developed a much more successful strategy of appealing to that future. On Tuesday, President Obama beat Mitt Romney by almost 15 percentage points in Prince William, nearly doubling George W. Bush’s margin over Al Gore in 2000, helping Mr. Obama to a surprisingly large victory in Virginia.

He did it not only by winning Hispanic voters, but also by winning strong majorities of the growing number of Asian-American voters and of voters under age 40. A version of his coalition in Virginia — a combination of minorities, women and younger adults — also helped Mr. Obama win Colorado, Nevada and perhaps Florida, which remained too close to call. He came close in North Carolina, a reliable state for Republican presidential nominees only a few years ago that he narrowly won in 2008.

The demographic changes in the American electorate have come with striking speed and have left many Republicans, who have not won as many electoral votes as Mr. Obama did on Tuesday in 24 years, concerned about their future. The Republicans’ Southern strategy, of appealing mostly to white voters, appears to have run into a demographic wall.

American Crossroads pro-GOP expenses:

Crossroads GPS pro-GOP expenses:


  • frankelee

    I feel like this writer was amiss in his failure to correctly identify Karl Rove as a political GENIUS. As all of us who watched cable news during any point during the Bush administration were regularly reminded.

  • I feel like frankelee was amiss in his or her failure to point out that Karl Rove is hateful, and has no ethics. His number one strategy is to take the negative things that people are saying about one’s own candidate and throw it at the other. When Rove discovered this wasn’t working, he then changed the strategy to copy Obama’s message, you know, that hope and change stuff. Hitler was a political genius, too. Please take a course in ethics, and perhaps one in politics, genius.