I decided to keep a list of companies who choose to fire their employees in protest to President Obama’s re-election and to ObamaCare, the president’s health care initiative. I am calling this  list RollCall as it  identifies  employers who are not interested in the good of all  the people.

I fail to understand their rationale as they seem to have more than enough to distribute to the very people who help make them rich. In another era, we would have called them robber barons as they gouge out the poor behind a facade of selling you a service or delivery of goods in exchange for your money and have convinced  us that we cannot live without. Today we call them rogue CEO’s or my favorite  term vulture capitalists.

We are not talking about hostile takeovers here but we are talking about slick marketing campaigns designed to make you believe that these companies  while making a profit are doing good deeds in the community. Just this week I saw where one of the largest Pizza firms in the country, Papa John’s owned by a man who claims to be a  self starter who originated from the 99% and who in ads on TV  donate two million free pizzas, announce that he would have to reduce hours for employees to avoid costs in healthcare due to ObamaCare. How can you donate two million free pizzas but cannot afford to pay healthcare costs for your workers. Papa John’s owner lives in a forty thousand square foot mansion and wants us to believe he cannot afford to pay for his worker’s  health insurance? Maybe he’s just a rapacious capitalist or better yet a vulture. The practices of these employers are beginning to appear to be vulture cpitalism at it’s best or worst, depending on how you look at it. I’m beginning to think they and the Chinese are in the same financial bedroom as Chinese politicans get rich off the loose morals of vulturistic American businessmen who choose to rob working people of the right to earn a decent living and live in a free society.

It seems that it is in the interest of these businessmen for America to be comprised of two classes; the dominant class in which they determine who rules politically, socially and economically and the rest of us who work for them.

Boycotting their products should serve as jolt to them and a wake up call that Americans choose not to be a part of their system of government, but we choose to to operate under a system of goverment chosen by the people, of the people and for the people. If they wish to engage in feudalistic power then perhaps they should take a hike back to the fifteenth century in a time warp and stay there. We who choose to remain prefer to work and live in a progressive society where the majority rules and wealth is available to those who work hard to pursue it.

The choosing of government should not be the sole forte of the wealthy. We recognize that the poor will always be with us. However it should be that we choose to help people to better themselves and  not take from them and discard human beings like garbage. This reminds me  of a time period in Europe in which children and adults who were poor were often taken advantage of by the aristocracy and treated as if they were animals. The whole point of moving to the New World was to create a new way of life to avoid the mindset of entitlement which comes with inherited  and created wealth.

I daresay we seem to have reverted to the  same mindset of that dark time in human history in which  there existed a stark difference between the wealthy and the poor. Slowly but surely that time is emerging again in this new world in America. Let this serve as our wake up call to realize that we have got to change.  I am calling for a time out on sitting on the couch and being entertained as rich people continue to take advantage of the disenfranchised, and  the dispossessed.  I am calling for a time out for sitting with your arms folded  saying I can’t do anyhting to change it. Let this serve as notice to you that a goverment of the people by the people and for the people is the only way we can keep predatory busneesmen in check.

While you are sitting on the couch watching Kanye and Kim and a variety of individuals with loose morals who are being paid by the plutocracy to entertain you to keep you distracted from perusing the hidden agendas behind their business decisions, that there is a silent take over and disenfranchisement of your rights. Some of you are slowly beginning to see realities  in which you no longer have a  say in the business you purport  to run for  these rogue indivudals and are only just beginning to see that you are nothing but a fugure head, a title  they use to show others that they are good employers who are engaged in hiring practices and good corporate citizenship in which they are spreading the power and the wealth around.

You need only look in the parking lot at the  end of the day and watch who gets into what cars to see where the real wealth is.  Look around you. Having worked hardest to prove you are a good employee you are still driving out in an economy car, no matter the slick advertising from that car maker, that is  a part of the ruling class designed to  make you feel as if you are part of a class system in which you may not realize you have no power over how long you stay in it. Picture the economic  downturn which took place a few years ago. Most people who lost their jobs also lost their footing on the upward ladder of the society. They lost homes, cars and businesses some of whom never recovered emotionally, nor financially and who were relegated to live in areas  they haven’t lived since childhood or pre-college days. In the meantime, upper management and owners were still living high on the hog, drinking and toasting while you were struggling with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac,  Bank Of America, Chase and Countrywide to keep you in your house and not  watch your own car   being driven away from you.

If you learned nothing else, you should never allow yourself to forget what it felt like having to explain to your children the reason you had to relocate  or change schools  was as a direct result  of the impact of job displacement. I have no doubt in my mind that the economic fiasco we faced was as a result of rogue CEO’s who chose to pay us back for the election of a president who was part of the emerging classes and who wanted to demonstrate the power  their wealth could do. They communicated to their hiring managers to make sure it was difficult for people to obtain jobs. They increased job requirements and imposed strict jobs adherence so that  many people would have been excluded from the job market. If this does not constitute vulture capitalism I don’t know what does.  Shameful, that they robbed people while at the same time continued with marketing programs aimed at fooling us all to think they were interested in the country’s welfare.

Make no mistake about it. Many of you cannot afford to live in areas and subdivisions  where your company bosses and owners live. When you drive out of   company parking lots that’s when the Great Divide emerges. Those who head north are the haves and most of you head east or west or south. That  should tell you where the  money is.

Time to wake up, America and smell the roses that all is not well in this democracy and we have a job to do to work and preseve our way of life for generations to come. I don’t know about you but if histroy serves as a lesson well learned I would hate to think that we return to a time when children and women who are poor are seen as pieces of disposable property by wealthy indivduals who do nothing but indulge their wicked natures to effect hardships on people, because there is no system of govenment that would hold them accountable.

We have no time to waste. Let’s get busy with the business of erasing wickedness and human depravity from our society. We must wake up. It’s time for RollCall.

List of Companies:

Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden & Red Lobster) plan to put more workers on part-time status)

Papa John’s Pizza

Applebee’s Franchisee Zane Tankel

Michael Fredrich (Owner) MCM Composites

David Siegel of Westgate Resorts

Cintas (The Uniform Company)


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  • Janet:

    With all due respect – you are allowed to do what you please.

    Its interesting that, per your world view, ‘What is good for all of the people” trumps the individual company’s mandate to make a profit as you surely won’t be donating money in the event that they are in the red.

    The continent of Europe is today suffering because – as the documentary “Europe’s Debt Crisis: America’s Problem?” says – “Over time when they had to make ECONOMIC decisions – they made POLITICAL decisions” .

    Janet – you are a biased person to the point of bigotry.
    PRESIDENT OBAMA – is the source of the motivation for these companies acting as they do – in your view. Thus it stands to reason that when you attack “Obama’s Enemies” or his predecessor – it is YOU – who’s bias seeks out other biased people.

    Ironically- when I point out that “ObamaCare” is not “Health Care Reform” but is a series of regulations and an additional $65 billion in government subsidies into the health care system, that REAL HEALTH CARE (within the Black community) would be evident by:

    * Those who lust for power, prove that they have interests other than this by producing more Black Physicians that have matriculated through the educational systems that they now control – showing that they have some connectivity to the Black Community

    * Those who live in areas such as SouthWest Atlanta, or DC – PROVE that they believe in the SHARED SACRIFICE by collaborating their money and reopening SouthWest Atlanta Medical Center and DC General.

    Instead in these two cities and many others the very people who chose to NOT spend their private insurance inside of a “Ghetto Hospital” were able to get back into good standing by NATIONALIZING their “Social Justice” beliefs via “ObamaCare”, with people like you failing to see that despite all of this national debt money these community facilities remain closed yet the insurance costs continue to rise.

    I can’t force you to stop with your economic intimidation actions. I can’t force you where to shop.
    I can point out that in your mind (and the Nation Magazine)
    * GM is alive using $49.5 billion of debt money
    * Mitt Romney profited $15 million from the bail out of GM and he is the “Resident Evil”
    * BUT with the US Federal Government going on the 5th year of $1,000 billion + debt …………………….YOUR OWN BIAS prevents YOU from seeing that these grand, unsustainable debt runs are THE MAIN THREAT TO YOUR “NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE”.

    When the musical chairs STOP – those people who were pacified and walked the way that your pied pipe lead them will be left behind – with the SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES that their CONSUMER CONSCIOUSNESS left them with.

    As they are left without a chair – I can count on YOU to blame THE RIGHT-WING ENEMY – regardless of how many “Favorable People” that have collected their VALUABLES based on the promises that that day in the future was to have them morphed into the UN-LEAST OF THESE.