Sam Koivisto Resigns from Jacksonville Police Dept. For Saying He’d Volunteer to Kill President Obama

Sam Koivisto resigns as police officer
Sam Koivisto Resigns from Jacksonville Police Dept. For Saying He’d Volunteer to Kill President Obama

Sam Koivisto, a one-time Jacksonville, Fla., police officer, resigned from his job after saying he would volunteer to kill President Barack Obama. He told investigators he was frustrated with the November 6 election results and the threat was nothing but talk. He told the Florida Times-Union that the issue was “blown out of proportion” and that he was planning to retire in five months anyway. He said the early retirement was probably “best for everybody,” the newspaper reports.

Koivisto, 57, retired last week rather than face an investigation into the comments he made after Obama’s re-election. During his Nov. 9 interview, he also told the integrity unit he had said he would not be bothered if a nuclear explosion “killed them all,” referring to residents of Northeastern states struck by Hurricane Sandy. They were Obama supporters, he said.

He told colleagues: “If an order was given to kill Obama or something, then I wouldn’t mind being the guy.” He told them the comments were all hyperbole and not actual threats. “That’s not saying I’m going to do it or would do it, and that’s never going to happen,” he added. Listen to the full audio. Source:  Florida Times-Union

Those comments were very inappropriate, particularly coming from a police officer. Well, one less rogue police officer to worry about. It’s time the Republicans got over President Obama’s reelection. He’s here for four more years.

  • New Majortiy

    This even more so solidifies the image of the Republican Party and what they stand for. Racism! Plain and simple. Soon there will be no GOP. You are destroying yourselves with your archaic points of view. If you don’t open your eyes and evolve with humanity soon you will be extinct. That is unfortunate for the moral minority of the Republican Party that reject this kind of immorality. This presidential race made it politically correct in minority circles (yup, that’s you) to voice these hateful beliefs. The country is going in another direction folks. As it has been for hundreds of years. It sneaked up on you and your tunnel vision. Your false assurance that you would remain in charge. Soon you WILL be left in the dust of America as she was meant to be. Karma is real, and it’s a bi**h! Otherwise known as justice! Everyone has their day…yours will only be found in history books. One day young Americans will read about you and will find it hard to fathom an America that was run by dinosaurs like you. You hold hate in your heart and admittedly so. How’s that working for ya?

    • New Majority — The Republican Party believes it can insult blacks, Latinos, gays and lesbians and still get their votes.