CNN’s Piers Morgan Tells Pastor Rick Warren Time to Amend Bible Because It’s Inherently Flawed

Piers Morgan
CNN’s Piers Morgan Tells Pastor Rick Warren Time to Amend Bible Because It’s Flawed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s another reason for people to hate CNN host Piers Morgan — he thinks the Bible is flawed. Okay, I will admit, there are parts of the Bible that seem incomplete. Take the story of Adam and Eve, specifically when Cain killed Abel and found a wife after fleeing. Um, if Adam and Eve started the human race, where exactly did Cain find a wife?On that basis, I believe the account is flawed but still,  one has to wonder why Piers Morgan is rocking the boat. Ratings?

Piers Morgan told guest Pastor Rick Warren that it’s time to bring the Bible up to date and that it should be amended like the Constitution.

“There is still an element of the bible that is flawed,” Morgan told Warren on his program, Piers Morgan Tonight.

“I do not believe the bible is flawed,” Warren replied.

“Both the bible and the Constitution were well intentioned, but they are basically, inherently flawed. Hence, the need to amend it,” Morgan continued. “My point to you about gay rights, for example, it’s time for an amendment to the bible.”

“No,” Warren replied.

“You should compile a new bible,” Morgan laughed.

“I willingly admit that I base my worldview on the bible, which I believe is true,” Warren said. “Opinion changes, but truth doesn’t.”

There might be another petition to throw Piers Morgan off the air because he’s blaspheming. Well, that’s what the right wing evangelical wingnuts would probably say.

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