US Coast Guardsman Terrell Horne III of Redondo Beach Killed, Two Arrested

panga style vessel

US Coast Guard Terrell Horne III of Redondo Beach Killed, Two Arrested After Ramming Coast Guard Cutter in Panga-Style Vessel (Attribution Unknown)

URGENT:  US Coast Guard member who died has been identified as Terrell Horne III of Redondo Beach. Two suspects have been arrested. Terrell Horne III died early Sunday morning during an investigation near Santa Cruz Island, CA. A panga-type vessel that was suspected of “illicit activities” rammed a small boat deployed by the Coast Guard Cutter Halibut, throwing Horne and another member overboard, the U.S. Coast Guard said in a press release.

One of the crew members sustained only minor injuries, while the other, Terrell Horne III, suffered a traumatic head injury.  He was pronounced dead after being taken to emergency crews at the Port of Hueneme (why-NEEM-mee). The suspects were later detained.


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