David Sirota: Debate on How to Address Newtown School Shooting Would be Uglier if Shooter from Different Demographic

NEWTOWN SCHOOL SHOOTING:  David Sirota, a columnist with Salon.com, said if Adam Lanza belonged to a different demographic, the debate on how to address the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting would be “much uglier.” In other words, if the shooter was black or Hispanic, the discourse would be different. Consider the Drudge Report and how it race-baits about black-on-white crime?

During “Up with Chris Hayes” on Sunday, Hayes said the thought that policy makers in Washington will be moved to do something about this tragedy and that he could envision lawmakers calling for a more invasive surveillance regime. David Sirota, a guest on the show, responded that the political impediment to that was the fact that most mass shooting suspects are white.

Sirota said, “The issue with it will be, politically, I think; the profile is white men. That’s a profile that’s not, essentially, in America allowed to be profiled. That’s the one profile in America that’s not allowed to be profiled.”

Watch the clip of David Sirota on “Up with Chris Hayes:”