Eddie Jones III Identified as Gunman in Gloucester Township Police Station Shooting

Eddie Jones III, of Willingboro, N.J., who worked for the New Jersey Department of Corrections, was arrested for stalking his ex-girlfriend, when he grabbed an officer’s gun and opened fire inside the Gloucester Township police station early Friday, injuring three officers before he was killed.

It all started as a domestic violence call just after 1 a.m. when township police responded to a residential home for a report of a suspicious person. Investigating officers pulled over a man matching the description of the suspect.


Police say Jones’ handcuffs were removed for a brief time so he could be processed. At that point he suddenly overpowered Officer Burns, knocking her to the ground, hitting her in the head and taking her weapon from its holster, Earl said. Source

Eddie Jones III, 39, who worked as a civil communications officer, shooting Sgt. James Garber, Sgt. James Kevin Thyne and injuring Officer Ruth Burns.