So Much for that Fifth Grade Education, Singer Beyoncé Knowles Inks $50 Million Deal With Pepsi

Beyoncé Knowles performing "Listen" ...
So Much for that Fifth Grade Education, Singer Beyoncé Inks $50 Million Deal With Pepsi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So much for Wendy Williams slamming Beyonce as having a fifth grade education. The R&B singer just inked a $50 million deal with Pepsi, something Wendy Williams can only dream about. Pepsi will also feature her face on a can of soda.

LA Times:  The deal is a bit more abstract than your garden-variety celebrity endorsement: In lieu of traditional advertising campaigns or multi-platform plugs, the soft drink will back Beyonce in any creative project of her choosing.

“This global relationship gives Beyoncé multiple outlets to tap into in order to express her creativity, and will attract new consumers to both brands with great new experiences and content,” one Pepsi exec said in a statement.

“Pepsi embraces creativity and understands that artists evolve,” Bey told the New York Times. Possible collaborations under the partnership could include photo shoots (like the cheeky concept work she posts to her Tumblr) or anything else Beyonce just feels like doing.

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