Oxygen’s New Reality Show, Shawty Lo and “All My Babies’ Mamas” Is a Disgrace to Black Community

Shawty Lo and "All My Babies' Mamas"
Oxygen’s New Reality Show, Shawty Lo and “All My Babies’ Mamas” Is a Disgrace to Black Community

COMMENTARY:  The reality television show world just sunk even lower, specifically black reality shows — Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo and his 10 babies’ mamas will be coming to a television screen near you, thanks to Oxygen. The hot mess of a show will be called “All My Babies’ Mamas.” It’s time for us to take a stand against this level of garbage on television. Is this the best of the black experience in this country that people want to see? This is a disgrace and these characters are on television for all the wrong reasons. This is a continuation of the dumbing-down of America, with us playing the “Stepin Fetchit” role.

The show stars E’creia (“The First Lady”) who handles his finances and was once engaged to Lo and nine others like Serena (“The Shady Baby Mama”), Amanda (“Jealous Baby Mama”) and Pebbles (“The Baby Mama from Hell”), not to mention Shawty’s current girlfriend Ashlin. Ashlin is only 19 years old and according to E’creia (who is seeing another man), Ashlin wants to be just like her. Domestic drama! Source

Ratchetness is putting it lightly. Oxygen should be boycotted for endorsing this toxic lifestyle in the quest of making money. It’s time for us to stand up and say no more of this mess on our television screens. From all the “Real Housewives” to “Basketball Wives” and those in between that bring us the worst of the black experience, it’s time to say no more! Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot wrong with the portrayal of whites in reality shows as well, but that is counteracted by the many positives on television about their lives as well. We don’t have a lot of role models in the black television and it’s a shame that what we see are people who behave horribly.

This is where Kaira Akita comes in with her organization Reality Revolution. Their mission is quite simple, “We develop entertaining, provocative, and inspiring reality TV shows and social action campaigns that put women, minorities, & more in a fresh new light.”  Each Reality Revolution project dishes out must-see TV drama…but with a spirit of excellence and the power to transform.” What can anyone who wants to improve their lives learn from “All My Babies’ Mamas?” Yes, it’s definitely time for a Reality Revolution. Enough is enough. Oxygen was created to appeal to women and this isn’t the way to do it by promoting a stereotypical group of people whose lifestyle is nothing worth emulating.

UPDATE:  SIGN THE PETITION AT CHANGE.ORG TO BLOCK OXYGEN FROM AIRING “ALL MY BABIES’ MAMAS” — https://www.change.org/petitions/oxygen-media-electus-and-diga-vision-cancel-shawty-low-show-and-all-programming-which-demeans-black-children-girls-women-and-stereotypes-black-men#news

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