Report: Jovan Belcher’s Rage May Have Been Triggered by Baby Paternity Issues with Kasandra Perkins

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins and then himself after the two argued. Now his mother told investigators her son argued with Perkins over their three month old baby daughter, Zoey’s paternity before the murder-suicide occurred. Um, really? Is the way to determine paternity with a test and not a gun?

“The mother believed that there was an issue over whether [Belcher] was the father,” said a source close to the Chiefs with knowledge of the situation. “She said he [believed he] wasn’t necessarily the father of the child.”

A Kansas City law-enforcement source confirmed, “She told [police] there was a question about the paternity.” It’s unclear if the paternity issue was the reason for the final, violent end of the troubled relationship between Belcher, 25, and Perkins, 22. Source

So, Jovan Belcher thought his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins was sleeping around, but how does he explain Brittni Glass?