14-Year-Old Telvis Douglas Shot by Fellow Student at Price Middle School in Atlanta

PRICE MIDDLE SCHOOL SHOOTING:  Telvis Douglas has been identified as the shooting victim at Price Middle School in Atlanta. He was allegedly shot by another student over a disagreement, WSB-TV reports. Telvis Douglas, 14, was shot in the back of the neck and is expected to make a full recovery. He is hospitalized at Grady Memorial Hospital. The shooter has not been charged yet.

Douglas’ mother said he told her he was in between classes when another student he recognized approached him, started “talking smack” and pulled out a gun. She said he turned to run when he was shot from behind.

Sources within Atlanta Public Schools told Jones that after the shooting, the gunman emptied his clip, and began shooting randomly at students running away. Neither school officials nor police have addressed the claim on-camera. Source

His family was on local television saying that he wasn’t in a gang.  Telvis Douglas has quite a few videos on YouTube:

  • Chilplz

    Check out his youtube video. This is Gang related

    • Chilplz — I watched all the videos on his feed and the language is appalling. This wasn’t a random shooting. That’s for sure.

  • Thomasville Hood

    If it’s not gang related it’s the hand sign’s that are being used in the video. Listen to the words of the song. Look at where these kids go to school. If the parents want no better for themselves than the kids can’t either. Parents have to want better for themselves. This parent is a known hustler in the streets so her child knows nothing better.
    Discipline starts at home, we all say our kids are good.

    • Thomasville Hood — I watched the videos and I am appalled at the language this kid uses. I am not going to castigate the child, but the buck stops with the parent. I was very surprised to see a “spokesperson” for the family trying to dispel so-called rumors that he was in a gang. I followed the story from the moment it broke and I don’t recall any reporter even mentioning anything about a gang. So, it was very odd that they talked about that first. He may be a good kid in their eyes, but the foul language he uses in those videos are appalling.

  • Thomasville Hood

    That is my point, the hand signs, lanuage and one is gang want to be’s. Never once did the news mention gang but the spokeperson did. Why hasn’t the mother of this child been seen and speak up for her good kid. Rumor is the middle school is over done with14 years olds who are only in 6th grade. Most of the kids arent even in their right grades. APS need to look at this school. Only 400 kids in the entire school. These parents needs to come together for their children as this will continue. Most likely this was jus an example but more will come out of it. Parents wake up. Your kids follow what you do and this victims mother is a single parent with 4 children and no father at home or in kids future. Back in the Thomasville project days this mother was a known hustler and would get paid from any means.

    • Thomasville Hood — Well said. I wondered why the child wasn’t in high school. My son is 15 and he’s in high school, so that raised a red flag from the story broke. I was also surprised that there were only 400 kids in the school and they had a hard time carrying out their emergency plan.

      As you rightly state, it’s time for parents to stand up and take back their schools and communities. Unfortunately, this trend will continue, as you have stated, without parents standing up.

      As a parent, I am a little taken aback as to why this mother didn’t show her face in public. I could see if the child was critically injured, but since they went as far as to get a “spokesperson” then she could have issued a statement herself. I would have issued a direct statement calling for the severest punishment to be meted out to this perpetrator and for change in the school. No-one should be able to come on school property with a loaded gun, unless he or she is a law enforcement officer or a school resource officer.

      The story is fading pretty fast from the mainstream media news cycle. Parents have to be just that, parents and lead by example. You mention the mother was a hustler back in the day. If that’s true, I pray that this is a wake-up call to her that change must come, starting with her. This shooting seems to have a terrible back story and it’s a real shame.