8 Year Old British National Imani Green Killed in Duncans Jamaica

TRAGEDY:  An eight year old British national,  Imani Green, who was visiting Jamaica with her mother, Donna Green, was fatally shot at a shop in Duncans, Trelawny, Friday. Imani Green, who is from Balham, died at a hospital after being shot in the head and shoulder.  According to news reports, the shooting may have stemmed from a dispute between the bar owner and the shooter. No arrests have been made.

The Jamaica Observer reports, about 8:30p.m. Friday Imani Green was at Pinky’s Bar in Duncans, apparently with relatives, when a gunman came into the establishment and opened fire hitting the child and three other people. The Sun reports, The hoodie-wearing gunman went on to blast three adult members of her family, two women and a man, with the 9mm pistol.