Appeals Court Rules President Obama Violated The Constitution Over Labor Board Appointments

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Appeals Court Rules President Obama Violated Constitution Over Labor Board Appointments (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D. C. Circuit ruled that President Obama violated the Constitution when he bypassed the Senate to fill vacancies on the National Labor Relations Board last year.

Obama claims he acted properly because the Senate was away for the holidays. But the court says the Senate technically stayed in session when lawmakers gaveled in and out every few days for so-called “pro forma” sessions.

GOP lawmakers used the tactic specifically to prevent Obama from using his recess power to fill vacancies in an agency they claimed was too pro-union. Source

I can hear a steady chorus of Republicans gloating and saying that he is also violating the Constitution on gun control. I may not agree with everything President Obama does, but it is clear that the Republicans do not want to work with him and have stone-walled repeatedly on appointments. The Obama administration is expected to appeal the court’s ruling.

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    Obama has repeatedly violated the Constitution.He’s not the only one that has done so,unfortunately,but it has to finally come to a stop! We have to start openly acknowledging this and begin the process of undoing these violations! They need to be held accountable, afterall, they are criminals for their actions against the citizens of this nation as well as other nations.But as I’ve said, he has alot of company in committing these crimes, present and past. As far as I know, it’s not too late to have George W. Bush and his gang of thugs, be held accountable for theirs!