Aurora Shooting: 4 People Dead, Including Gunman, in Hostage-Situation at East Ithaca Place Townhome

Aurora shooting:  Four people, including the gunman who was killed by police, found dead in hostage-situation at East Ithaca Place townhome in Aurora, Co.

One woman managed to escape the home, which is located in the 16000 block of East Ithaca Place, by jumping out a second floor window. Jennifer Williams, a neighbor, said police kept asking Sonny to allow them to help “Anthony, Chris and Stacey.”

Police officers arrived at the scene just before 3 a.m., where they said a man fired shots inside the home at the 16000 block of E. Ithaca Place near Hampden and Buckley.

A SWAT team arrived in the area after a standoff took place between the gunman and police officers. Authorities said the gunman then shot at SWAT team members.  Source

UPDATE#1 (01/05/13 8:44 P.M. EST):  The victims in the Aurora shooting have been identified as Sonny Archuleta, the gunman, his sister-in-law Stacie Philbrook and her stepfather Anthony Ticali. Another victim, identified only as Chris, was also killed in the townhouse, located at 16005 E. Ithaca Place.  Sonny Archuleta’s wife, Stephanie Philbrook Archuleta, managed to escape by jumping through a second floor window.  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.