SeaStreak Commuter Ferry Crashes in Pier in Lower Manhattan, Dozens Injured

URGENT: A rush hour commuter SeaStreak ferry crashes in the Wall Street pier Wednesday. The ferry reportedly had more than 300 passengers on board at the time of the crash, injuring more than 50 people, NBC New York reports.

Officials had initially said the injuries were minor, but after patients were assessed, at least one serious head injury was being reported. That person was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition, police said. Five crew members were among those with minor injuries.

The SeaStreak ferry, which left Highlands, N.J. at 8 a.m., had a hard landing at Pier 11, which is located at South Street and Gouverneur Lane. It struck a loading barge that it was passing while trying to dock, according to SeaStreak President James Barker.