Gabby Giffords Gun Control Group Wants to Raise $20 Million By 2014

Americans for Responsible Solutions, a new gun control group led by Gabby Giffords, the former U.S. congresswoman who was wounded in Jared Loughner’s Tucson shooting rampage, wants to raise $20 million for the 2014 congressional elections. The group wants to match the National Rifle Association’s spending in last November’s elections, the group’s treasurer, Steve Mostyn,¬†said on Wednesday.

The move marks the entry of the high-profile couple, both gun owners, into a heated national debate over gun control fueled by the massacre of 20 children and six teachers at a Connecticut elementary school last month.

“We’re just getting things started, but I’ve had conversations with a dozen other large political donors who have worked with me on other issues in the past, and I’ve had a good response,” Mostyn told¬†Reuters.

Even if the group manages to meet its funding targets, it and other similar groups face a steep battle to change U.S. gun laws. The U.S. House of Representatives has a pro-gun rights majority and it’s too early to know if the outcry after the Connecticut shooting will lead to a shift in how they vote.