Thank You from The Hinterland Gazette for a Very Successful 2012

hinterland gazette thank you
Thank You from The Hinterland Gazette for a Very Successful 2012 (Photo credit:  Glitter Images)

After reading about blogger Andrew Sullivan’s decision to take his site independent and the outpouring of support he has received, I am encouraged by my decision to keep The Hinterland Gazette independent. When I started the Hinterland Gazette, formerly known as Black Political Thought, at the end of 2007, my goal was always to remain independent, where we wouldn’t have our style dictated by Big Sister or Big Brother. That will never change. Our voice is here to stay.

Though journey has been hard at times, we have always been encouraged and motivated our readers and the success we have had year after year.   Last year was our best year by far. We quadrupled our page views and readership.  We owe it all to YOU.

Going forward for 2013, we will  build on our success from 2012 with some bold and ambitious plans. We will offer more custom content, conduct more interviews and engage in more community activism for domestic violence, voting rights and missing children. We are laying the groundwork for our first documentary, featuring Jamaica from a social perspective. We will continue to bring you political news from a centrist point of view, as well as offer more statistical information about the issues, such as following the money trail in Washington D.C.

To help us accomplish all these great plans, we will hold our first fundraising drive in February 2013. We are also looking for freelance writers for our entertainment news section.

I want to publicly thank all our readers and promise that the best is yet to come. Together we can change the world!  The Hinterland Gazette wishes you a Happy New Year!