Report: Beyoncé Knowles Lip Synched National Anthem at Obama Inauguration

 Beyoncé Knowles Lip Synched National Anthem
FAKE-IT: Beyoncé Knowles Lip Synched National Anthem at Obama Inauguration
DISGRACE:  The Times of London and CNN are reporting that Beyoncé Knowles lip-synched her rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” at President Obama’s second inauguration Monday. A spokesperson for the Marine Corps Band told the British paper that it is standard procedure to pre-record a backing track for the performance. Beyoncé reportedly decided shortly before her performance not to sing it live. It was absolutely ludicrous for her to have removed her earpiece, since she really wasn’t singing. Unbelievable shame. I know even Jennifer Hudson would have sang it live.

On the other hand, Kelly Clarkson, an “American Idol” winner, sang “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” WITHOUT the help of a backing track, TMZ reports. Um, true talent. Patti Labelle sang the National Anthem live standing on ice at the 2012 NHL Classic. Talk about a true professional.

What’s preposterous is the connection by right wing lunatics Beyoncé lip-syncing somehow shows that President Obama’s second term is a sham. SMH. As much as I hate the idea of lip syncing, I must ask if the outrage over Whitney Houston lip syncing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl when the U.S. had just begun the Gulf War in 1991. Was that connected to the Bush Administration?