Then-Senate Candidate Chuck Hagel Opposed Abortion Even in Cases of Rape

Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel just fell out of favor with women, particularly those who support abortion rights. Buzzfeed is reporting that as a Senate candidate Chuck Hagel opposed abortion, even in cases of rape. Well, I hope he has evolved, like his evolution on gay rights, after his remarks a few years ago that James Hormel, a nominee for an ambassadorship was  “aggressively gay.”

Buzzfeed:  But as a Senator, Hagel repeatedly voted against amendments to allow servicewomen to pay for abortion services at military hospitals out of their own pockets.

According past campaign literature, he also opposed abortion in cases of rape and incest because those cases are “rare.”

When he announced his candidacy for Senate, Hagel said that he opposed abortion except to protect the life of the mother and in cases of rape and incest. Hagel decided he didn’t believe that exclusion for rape were necessary after studying the issue near the end of his campaign.

“I am pro-life with one exception — the life of the mother. I oppose taxpayer funded
abortions. We must promote adoption and support the strengthening of American families. I will vote with and support the pro-life movement,” Hagel said in a piece of 1996 campaign literature, according to the Omaha World Herald.

His argument that pregnancy from rape is very rare is about as crazy as Richard Mourdock saying pregnancy from rape was a gift from God, Todd Akin’s legitimate rape comment and Sen. Ron Paul’s honest rape comment. I don’t understand why Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others have a problem with Chuck Hagel. After all, he’s as right-wing as they come.