Forest Whitaker Wrongly Accused of Shoplifting at Milano Market on Manhattan’s Upper East Side

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Forest Whitaker Wrongly Accused of Shoplifting at Milano Market on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DISGRACE:  Actor/director Forest Whitaker was wrongly accused of shoplifting from the Milano Market in Manhattan and subjected to an embarrassing pat-down Friday, reports. The Oscar-award winning actor is fighting allegations he stole goods off a shelf at the upscale deli on the Upper East Side.

Forest Whitaker was reportedly walking down the aisles of Milano Market when an employee approached him and accused him of shoplifting. Whitaker, who is set to star in the upcoming movie, The Butler, about White House butler Cecil Gaines, was frisked in front of other customers.

Ever the gentleman, Forest Whitaker took the high road and didn’t threaten to sue or report the matter to the authorities. Instead, he told the store manager that they should ‘change their behavior’ and ‘treat the public in a fair and just manner.’ It is clear that Mr. Whitaker’s rights were violated.

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  • Free in America !!!

    This is what happen’s when you try to support the bottom feeder’s. They should have counted it a priviledge to have such a distinquised gentlemen in there presence. One thing about America is you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Why is it that people think because you don’t have gold diamonds bling on you are broke and rubbish simply poor. There are more wealthy people of color in America than most places the wealthy visit than people think. What a shame and disgrace the employee should be fired until I hear that they have been fired I will never visit that place and I believe all people of color based on the last election will agree. It is always that small little remnant that believe we are still in the good old boys error hahaha. His jeans cost more than 1k and his shoes. Poor judgement on the employee’s behalf.

  • Greg Thrasher

    Negrophobia is rampant in that part of NYC. Who owns the store? Do they have any Black employees?