Beyoncé’s Half-Time Show One of the Best in Super Bowl History (VIDEO)

Beyoncé’s half-time show will go down in Super Bowl history as one of the best. It essentially puts to rest the lip sync debacle at President Obama’s inauguration.

Slate Magazine needs to leave Beyoncé alone, saying she dissed Destiny’s Child. If memory serves me correctly, she was the half-time act. She could have been selfish and not invited them to perform at all. There will always be haters. As she asked, “Can I live?”

First, she required a trick entrance: Rowland and Williams were thrust to the stage on springloaded platforms. Rowland, who has notched a few hit songs in recent years, handled her arrival with aplomb, but Williams, who has been focusing on theater, fumbled the pop concert stagecraft, wobbling like a Jack-in-the-Box crossed with the ghost of Billboard charts past.

But Beyoncé’s lack of magnaminity reached its peak as their medley came to its climax. Instead of launching into a full rendition of “Say My Name” or some other Destiny’s Child classic, she said “Kelly and Michelle, can y’all help me sing this one?” Kelly responded, “Sho’ nuff, baby,” and the trio launched into “Single Ladies,” Beyoncé’s solo hit—about how great it is to be solo. This was, as Dave Weigel tweeted, “Like Beatles reuniting and singing ‘Mull of Kintyre,’” Paul McCartney’s Wings classic.

Beyoncé, don’t shame Kelly and Michelle by dragging them back into the national spotlight and then making them sing the very song that shows what a culturally relevant force you still are, and what afterthoughts they have become! Be generous. Share the spotlight. You have so much.

  • v3ryh1gh

    This was FAR from the BEST super bowl show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this was a mini strip tease, thanks for exposing the kids to rampart hip thrusting and ass shaking for no reason what so ever. assholes.

  • v3ryh1gh

    You cant even consider this journalism, the entire post is a quote