Bloodied Cricket Bat Found at Oscar Pistorius’ Home, Reeva Steenkamp Also Suffered Fractured Skull

Bloodied cricket bat found at Oscar Pretorius' home in murder of Reeva Steenkamp
Bloodied Cricket Bat Found at Oscar Pistorius’ Home, Reeva Steenkamp Also Suffered Fractured Skull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The investigation into the murder of model Reeva Steenkamp by boyfriend and paralympian Oscar Pistorius is becoming more disturbing by the day and possibly shows this wasn’t a case of mistaken identity, as he reportedly claimed. A bloodied cricket bat  found in his Pretoria mansion, as well as a bullet cartridge was found in his bedroom. The police found no evidence of a forced entry into the home. City Press reveals the police are investigating two different scenarios — one in which Oscar Pistorius used the cricket bat to assault her, since she suffered a fractured skull, or the other he may have used it to break down the bathroom door. It was said she was reportedly hiding in the bathroom.

Bloodied cricket bat found:  We can further reveal that police specifically requested that Pistorius’ blood be tested for drugs and steroids. Steenkamp’s skull was “crushed” and police tests on the cricket bat and her body will reveal if the injuries were caused by blows to the back of her head. “There was lots of blood on the bat. Forensic tests will show whose blood it was,” said a source with inside knowledge of the case.


Steenkamp was still breathing and Pistorius tried to resuscitate her in the foyer. Paramedics and police arrived on the scene and, minutes later, she was declared dead.

Steenkamp was wearing her nightie at the time. When the police inspected Oscar’s bedroom, they found her overnight bag and iPad on the floor. A holster for a 9mm pistol was found on Oscar’s side of
the bed. The bedclothes were crumpled. “It was clear that both of them had slept in the bed,” said a police source.

One cartridge was found in the bedroom and the police suspect Oscar may have “chased” her and fired the first shot before Steenkamp could lock herself inside the toilet.

“The suspicion is that the first shot, in the bedroom, hit her in the hip. She then ran and locked herself in the toilet. She was doubled over because of the pain. He fired three more shots. She probably covered her head, which is why the bullet also went through her hand,” said a source. Steenkamp was shot in the head, hip, arm and hand. Source

This latest news comes as the ANC Women’s League demands that Oscar Pistorius be denied bail for the murder:

Spokesperson for the league Troy Martens on Sunday said the magistrate should take into consideration claims in the media that there is a strong case of premeditated murder against him.

“It is with this in mind that the ANCWL urges the magistrate to heed the call of the prosecutors in this case and deny bail,” said Martens.

The ANCWL said that Steenkamp’s death was not an isolated incident and therefore the league was extremely concerned with the high levels of femicide in the country.

Martens said the Medical Research Council of South Africa released a study indicating that a woman is killed by her intimate partner every eight hours in South Africa.

“No women should have to die at the hands of their romantic partner, but research indicates just over 50% of all women murdered are the result of intimate femicide,” she said.

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