GOP Rep. Mark Meadows Proposes $30M a Year to Fund Cops in Schools, Would Take Funds from NOAA

GOP Rep. Mark Meadows proposes $30 million a year Cops in Schools bill
GOP Rep. Mark Meadows Proposes $30M a Year to Fund Cops in Schools, Would Take Funds from NOAA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Excuse me for saying Rush Limbaugh calls the shots in the Republican Party. No, it’s really National Rifle Association president Wayne LaPierre. How else can you explain Rep. Mark Meadows’ (R-NC) bill, H.R. 751, which seeks to allocate $30 million a year in federal grants for placing police officers in schools? Of course, such a plan would satisfy Wayne LaPierre, who suggested after the Newtown school shooting massacre, that armed guards should patrol the hallways of every school in the U.S.

Meadows said, “According to a recent Gallup poll, 53 percent of Americans believe that increasing police presence at schools would be very effective in preventing future tragedies.” “After speaking to local law enforcement, superintendents and principals in my district, I believe this is the best path forward.”

How does Mark Meadows plan to pay for his bill? The suggestion is that the Protect America’s Schools Act would be funded by rescinding unspent funds from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s budget. Um, I guess Mark Meadows may have forgotten NOAA researches the effects of climate change on weather and the environment. Plus NOAA includes the National Weather Service, but who am I kidding? As evidenced from the way they voted to give aid to superstorm Sandy victims, I wouldn’t hold my breath on the Republicans really giving a hoot about climate change, until something weather disaster occurs in their respective states.

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  • Janet:

    Does it seem strange that the GOP proposal to take $30 million from the NOAA gives you a rise.

    $49.5 Billion to GM makes you cheer for Obama.

    But the $1 trillion federal deficit doesn’t do much for you?