Poll: Most Americans Side with President Obama on Sequester, GOP Losing Big

Once again, the Republican Party shows just how little it can gauge public sentiment with a new Bloomberg National Poll that shows President Obama’s approval rating hitting a three-year high and public approval of the GOP sinking to a three-year low.  It should be noted that the same poll found that a plurality of Americans blame the House Republicans for “what’s wrong in Washington.” You would never know that from how they seem to think they can call the shots in the whole sequestration matter.

Add a new twist to the Bloomberg poll — a new USA Today/Pew Research Center Poll. This latest poll suggests Americans just aren’t buying the load of crap the Republicans are selling.

Americans side with Obama on sequester GOP losing blame game
Most Americans Side with President Obama on Sequester, GOP Losing Blame Game (Steve Benen/Rachel Madow)

Um, GOP leaders believe they can win the public relations fight on the sequester fiasco, but they are wrong, as usual. They seem to have a really hard time understanding public attitudes, as evidenced from the fact they thought Mitt Romney was going to win by a landslide, when nothing was further from the truth. The reality is that the public is going to hold the Republicans responsible for any undermining of the economy, the military and the public’s needs by allowing sequestration to occur. Sen. Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner like to say they speak for the American people, but do they really? I think not. The two latest polls speak loud and clear on that point. The reality is the sooner the GOP realizes it’s in a weak position on the sequester, the quicker we will reach some type of compromise, as President Obama is calling for.

  • Janet – it is abundantly clear that YOU view “Popularity Polls” as “Economics” and “Econometrics”

    Is there any surprise that when the US debt is at $19 Trillion – 4 years from now and you run another poll on this web site that the poll blames the Republicans for the debt?

    Clearly the real problem is that all of this is FIAT CURRENCY and our political consciousness is more nationalized than ever – more abstracted than ever also.