Iowa GOP Rep. Tedd Gassman Worries Divorce Makes Girls Promiscuous

Iowa GOP Rep. Tedd Gassman pushing ban on no fault divorce

Iowa GOP Rep. Tedd Gassman Worries Divorce Makes Girls Promiscuous (Photo credit: Iowa State Government)

Rep. Tedd Gassman worries divorce makes girls promiscuous:  Seven Republicans in the Iowa House, led by Rep. Tedd Glassman, are pushing a bill to prohibit parents of minor children from getting a “no fault” divorce, Radio Iowa reports. Gassman said the issue is “near and dear” to his heart because his daughter and son-in-law recently divorced, putting his granddaughter at risk.

Rep. Gassman: “There’s a 16-year-old girl in this whole mix now. Guess what? What are the possibilities of her being more promiscuous? What are the possibilities of all these other things surrounding her life that a 16-year-old girl, with hormones raging, can get herself into?”

Rachel Scott of the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence told lawmakers the changes proposed often make homes a more dangerous place.

“One of the things that we’ve seen with places where there is fault divorce is it escalates tension and conflict between the two individuals,” Scott said.

Representative Marti Anderson, a Democrat from Des Moines who opposes the bill, said the tension in her childhood home lasted eight years, until her parents divorced back when fault had to be proven.

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Janet Shan is a freelance journalist and managing editor of the Hinterland Gazette, who is working on her first novel, a mystery based in the hills on Montego Bay.