Jeff Zucker White Out: Roland Martin Reportedly Getting Cut Off from CNN Earlier Than April 6 Departure Date

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Jeff Zucker White-Out:  Roland Martin Reportedly Getting Cut Off from CNN Earlier Than April 6 Departure Date (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems CNN is kicking Roland Martin to the curb sooner than his April 6 departure date. He must have really pissed off some folks over at CNN because producers are reportedly being told not to book him for any appearances.

With his contract ending April 6, some producers have been informed not to book him, FishbowlDC has learned. We knew something was awry when we noticed Martin hadn’t tweeted his usual #bringthefunk alert on Twitter that he’d be appearing on Erin Burnette’s “Out Front,” which he hasn’t done in a month. On Wednesday he tweeted that he did Canadian TV. The Canadians can find time to bring Martin’s funk, but not CNN?

Let’s get this straight. That semi-usual appearance he had on Thursdays during Carol Costello‘s slot? Gone. It’s been three weeks since he appeared on her program and months since he appeared on “The Situation Room.” He was also non-existent during CNN Inauguration coverage in January. A final appearance on his close friend, Soledad O’Brien‘s program, which ends next week? That appears to be a dead end proposition, too.

Martin’s fierce Twittering following is not pleased. “I’m certainly going to miss you on CNN,” wrote Pasadena, Calif. resident Carolee Reed. “I cant believe that the two people who always kept it real are leaving.” (Person number two being O’Brien, she explains.) Ebony Shamberger, a UNC J-School student, was dumfounded. “Leaving CNN on April 6 — what?” she wrote in response to Reed. Source: FishbowlDC

It’s been a while since I have seen Roland Martin on CNN, mostly on “Out Front.” In fact, after that whole gay dustup on Twitter, he hasn’t been very visible on CNN at all. He was noticeably missing from the inauguration coverage in January. Is Jeff Zucker out to do a “white-out” on CNN? The only black regular I see is Van Jones and sometimes Charles Blow.

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