RNC Growth Opportunity Project Calls For Outreach to Black and Hispanic Communities

RNC Growth Opportunity project calls for outreach to black and hispanic communities
RNC Growth Opportunity Project Calls For Outreach to Black and Hispanic Communities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Republican National Committee released an ambitious set of recommendations aimed at revitalizing the party following a shellacking in last November’s elections, calling for sweeping changes to the party’s infrastructure, outreach and nominating process aimed at the 2016 presidential election, NBC News reports.

The report “calls for drastic changes to almost every major element of the modern Republican Party.”

Wall Street Journal characterizes the report as a “scathing self-analysis” that “describes the party as ideologically ossified, unable to speak to a wider electorate and increasingly seen as representing the rich and the old.”

This outreach is well needed but the party has to realize that they can’t allow rogue voices to denigrate blacks, Asians, Latinos, the gay community and women without the leadership disavowing such ugly and racist rhetoric. People like Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter can’t be the standard-bearers for the party or their ambitious “Growth Opportunity Project” will be a joke.

The Republican Party has shown that it could care less about the 47 percent of Americans Mitt Romney deemed as deadbeats. They would certainly feel no qualms about pulling the rug out from under the millions of Americans struggling to find gainful employment and those struggling to stay in their homes with underwater mortgages. Better yet, they really care about the top one percent of Americans.  You can’t kick a man while he’s down and expect him to run to you with open arms on election day.

Excuse me for being cynical, but Reince Priebus can unveil all the outreach projects he wants, unless the Republican Party changes the very essence of its existence, a Republican president won’t be heading to the White House in 2016 or 2020. Demographics aren’t on their side and they rich, old white right wing evangelicals who call the shots just don’t get it. As then candidate Barack Obama said on the campaign trail in 2008, “if you put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.” Um, no matter how Reince Priebus tries to mask the stench coming from the Republican Party, it still stinks the world over.

RNC Growth Opportunity Project:

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