Rapper OG Double D Shot in Black Maybach in I-20 Drive-By Shooting in SE Atlanta

Was OG Double Dee man in black Maybach killed in I-20 drive-by shooting?
Was OG Double D Man Shot in Black Maybach in I-20 Drive-By Shooting in SE Atlanta? (Photo credit: Lockerz)

Twitter is burning up with condolences to OG Double Dee (OG Double D) #OGD as the man who was killed in the black Maybach in the I-20 drive-by shooting in southeast Atlanta near Glenwood Avenue. OG Double D’s real name is James Lewiel.

OG Double D was connected to singer Ciara’s boyfriend, Future. He was reportedly a member of Future’s Freebandz record label. Freebandz is distributed by Epic Records.

OG Double D was previously seen with a black Maybach similar to the one in the drive-by shooting on I-20. He seems to have always had a thing for flaunting his “wealth.” That will almost always come at a price. They killed OG Double D in broad daylight and during rush-hour traffic. That sounds like a gangsta hit.

Update #1 (04/12/13 10:37 a.m.):  A spokeswoman for the DeKalb Medical Examiner’s office told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution at 9 a.m. Friday investigators had not positively identified the victim. 

Update #2 (04/15/13 12:55 p.m.):  The DeKalb Medical Examiner’s office identified 42-year-old James D. Lewiel, OG Double Dee, as the rapper killed in I-20 drive-by shooting.



  • Dudes need to use turn signals or we gon see mo o’ dis

    • Rafer — Are you saying this was road rage?