One Third of Customers Face Discrimination in German Stores, Turkish Customers Most Discriminated Against

Racism in Germany:  One in three customers face discrimination in German stores over the course of a year, a study by Augsburg University in Bavaria found — mostly based on their sex, age or socio-economic status.  The study also found that 64 percent of the time, the racial slurs came from staff members, and not management or fellow customers.

Turkish customers have a particularly hard time, with 81 percent discriminated against an average of 5.7 times a year compared with just 27.5 percent of German customers who experience discrimination on average 1.3 times a year.

But discrimination of this kind is not without detriment to the company in question, with the majority of customers reacting to negative experiences, wroteDer Spiegel.

Twenty percent complain directly to the company and half will switch to the competition. Nearly 80 percent tell their friends about it, spreading “negative word-of-mouth,” according to the study.

Companies should be aware of the damaging effect of such experiences and the “considerable risk discrimination poses to economic success,” wrote the authors. Source: The Local