3-Year-Old Kyrese Dwayne Anderson Left in Vehicle Dies After Parents Attend Funeral

SHOCK:  Three-year-old Kyrese Dwayne Anderson, of Lehigh Acres, Fla., died after being left in a vehicle in Palmetto for three hours while his family attended a funeral Saturday.

An initial investigation showed the boy’s parents had driven separate cars to a babysitter who was watching the children while they attended the funeral. The boy was accidentally left in the vehicle, while the other children, ages 4 and 5, went into the residence of the babysitter.

Detectives said the parents and babysitter thought all the children had made it into the home safely, and the parents went to the funeral. When they returned, they found the boy still in the vehicle and called 911.

An autopsy will be performed Monday to determine the boy’s exact cause of death. No one has been charged with a crime, but the boy’s death remains under investigation. Source:  ABC Action News