Wikileaks: Michael Hastings Contacted Attorney Jennifer Robinson Hours Before His Death

Was Rolling Stone contributor and Buzzfeed reporter Michael Hastings murdered? Wikileaks is reporting that he contacted their attorney, Jennifer Robinson, three hours before he died, saying the FBI was investigating him. Here’s the tweet:


It would seem the Wikileaks tweet certainly adds another facet to the conspiracy theories floating around since Michael Hastings died in a single-car accident. It’s also interesting to note that Michael Hastings was in contact with Wikileaks in the past, when he wrote an article about Julian Assange for Rolling Stone magazine. His death comes in the middle of the NSA spying scandal after contract employee Edward Snowden fled to Hong Kong after giving classified documents to the Guardian and the Washington Post.

Telegraph: And Hastings’ last article was about the evils of the NSA – which ended with the tantalising line, “Perhaps more information will soon be forthcoming.” Glenn Greenwald tweeted a link to the piece after Hastings’ death. Of such connections are conspiracy theories made. In the minds of the highly imaginative, that is.