Paula Deen Dropped by Diabetes Drug Company Novo Nordisk and Home Depot

Paula Deen holds court

Paula Deen Dropped by Diabetes Drug Company Novo Nordisk and Home Depot (Photo credit: Bristol Motor Speedway & Dragway)

The Paula Deen racial slur scandal continues with diabetes drug company Novo Nordisk and Home Depot severing ties with the Southern chef. This comes after retail giant Walmart and Caesars Entertainment dropped her on Wednesday. Target, Sears and QVC mull their next move. She reportedly hired crisis management company owner Judy Smith.

Novo Nordisk, which is the sixth company to sever ties with Deen, issued the following statement:

Novo Nordisk and Paula Deen have mutually agreed to suspend our patient education activities for now, while she takes time to focus her attention where it is needed.

Novo Nordisk would like to acknowledge Paula’s involvement in our Diabetes in a New Light™ campaign, where she has helped make many people aware of type 2 diabetes and the lifestyle changes needed to control this serious disease.

Paula Deen’s apology on the “Today Show” was clearly not sincere and she sought to blame the young people working at her restaurants for the ugly language they use. Um, I wonder where they got that from? She is the employer who sets the tone in her establishments. Therefore, if her employees were using ugly language, she should have put a stop to it.

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