11-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Shoots and Kills 19-Year-Old Stepfather Bryan Scott Reno in NC

11-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Kills 19-Year-Old Stepfather, Bryan Scott Reno, With Gun He Just Bought

11-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Kills 19-Year-Old Stepfather, Bryan Scott Reno, With Gun He Just Bought (pictured with girl’smother) [Facebook]

An 11-year-old Cleveland County, NC, girl accidentally shot and killed her 19-year-old stepfather, Bryan Scott Reno, with a handgun he had just acquired, the Charlotte Observer reports.

At about 10:45 p.m., authorities received a 911 call about a person being shot in the 400 block of Lemmons Road, just outside of Mooresboro.

When they arrived, they found Bryan Scott Reno dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the chest, Norman said.

Authorities determined that Reno had purchased the gun either through a trade or purchase within 24 hours of the incident, Norman said.

He said that on Friday evening, while his 35-year-old wife Pamela Reno slept, Bryan Reno showed the gun to his stepdaughter. At one point, Reno removed the magazine slide from the firearm and handed the .380-caliber gun to her to examine, Norman said.

“During the course of her looking at the firearm, it’s apparent that she pulled the trigger of the firearm and it discharged,” Norman said. “It just appears he failed to check the chamber to make sure there was not a bullet in the chamber, and it turned fatal.”


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Janet Shan is a freelance journalist and managing editor of the Hinterland Gazette, who is working on her first novel, a mystery based in the hills on Montego Bay.
  • Audrey Duncan

    I love my Nephew ( Bryan Scott Reno) R.I.P , why is it that is wife Pamela Reno want let is mother bring him back to Tenneessee for the family and friend to see him one more time before she have him Cremated.It seem Suspicious to me, she is trying to hide something or what.

  • ann abbot

    maybe the cost to transport… maybe she’s afraid they will bury him in tenn., maybe she doesn’t want to drag out the burial.
    i’m wondering what made him fall in love with her. an odd couple.

    • melissa braden

      no we was going to pay for the transport and pay for the funeral we was going to let her cremate him because thats what he wanted