Romney Family Joins Hollywood Craze of Adopting Black Babies, Meet Kieran James Romney

Meet Mitt Romney's newest grandson Kieran James Romney
Meet Mitt Romney’s newest grandson Kieran James Romney (Photo credit: Twitter)

I know Mitt Romney, AKA Mr. 1 Percent, has a lot of grand kids but you think he would at least be able to keep count and keep up. Spreadsheet Mitt? He announced on Twitter that his 22nd grandchild, Kieran James Romney, was officially adopted. Um, one problem. Back in July, Mitt Romney, tweeted that he and his wife welcomed their 22nd grandchild. Which is it Mitt?

There’s one other detail — his family caught the Hollywood fever — adopting a black baby. I won’t hate. I believe it’s a great thing that this child is getting a shot at having a decent life. You have to admit, Kieran James Romney is adorable. Could they have been a little more creative? Kieran is Gaelic for black. They didn’t know this right? Awkward.

Mitt Romney's Family Joins Hollywood Latest Craze of Adopting Black Babies with Kieran James Romney
Mitt Romney’s Family Joins Hollywood Latest Craze of Adopting Black Babies with Kieran James Romney


  • Adam

    You people are idiots. How about simply focusing on the fact that a family chose to adopt a child and give that child a better life, rather than focus on the child’s race or make some nonsensical assertion about it beinng a “Hollywood craze” to adopt black children. Writing the story from such a perspective trivializes the importance of what these parents have done and, further, reveals your own shallow and, frankly, racist, world view.

    • Steve E Ames

      NOT focus on his race his very name focuses on his race.

      • John L

        What’s in a name? Take you for example: Steve, short for Steven, a variant of Stephan, which is based on the Greek word “Stephanos” meaning Crown. Made popular after Saint Stephan was stoned to death as the first Christian martyr in the book of Acts. So by your logic, your parents named you Steven because they secretly wanted you to become royalty shorty before being killed by a mob with rocks.

    • apple marshallwhite

      Why are you assuming the child had a terrible life otherwise?

      • John L

        Would you prefer the child to remain unadopted, bouncing around from foster home to foster home before being kicked to the curb on his 18th birthday?

        • Kevin

          Its a liberal, what would you expect?

      • Kevin

        Why don’t you act the same way towards any libtard adopting a child? For how successful Romney is I would think this kid will have a excellent life. And he won’t be raised as a brain washed liberal voter. Voting liberal is like voluntarily watering a tree which has a rope that is around your neck. Killing your self

  • Tammy

    This blog is proof that liberals are just mean. Who hears a story about a family adopting a child and comes up with this? And Janet Stan is not alone in pettiness. There are a hundred other stories like it on the internet.

  • pa-bert

    janet is gaelic for stupid!

  • Steve E Ames

    Why not adopt American babies is it because it would not make headlines.

    • John L

      I’m sorry, I didn’t realize the article said the baby was from Nigeria. Or are blacks suddenly no longer considered “American?” I must have missed the memo.

  • Yukon36

    He will be brought up a lot different than his ghetto mom would bring him up.

    • kenyetta doyle

      Stupidity must run in the family.

  • NPAFromFLA

    The name Kieran does not mean “black”. Your attempt to portray it as such is completely wrong … speaking of what names mean, I can only surmise that your parents are disappointed in you. Gift from God? … please …

    • John L

      Hate to disappoint. Kieran is an anglicized version of Ciaran, which is derived from Ciar, which means black. The Gift from God author, as moronic as this article is, is correct in that aspect.

      • NPAFromFLA

        Using your analogy, one could make whatever tenuous connection they wanted. To be fair, the name does mean “Little Dark One”, however, it is also the name of at least 26 Irish saints. It is derived from the name Ciaran .. and that name means “little dark haired one” or “little black haired one” depending upon which etymology you look at. It certainly doesn’t mean black, at least no more than the author of this article’s name means god.

  • no

    Dubh is Gaelic for Black

  • Oyokulé

    From abroad or not ? If yes , there are children in need everywhere , just think to those next to you and second i think one of my race or asian he looks both , should have adopted him ,not where he knows he is adopted where kids will tell him laugh at him and there will have race issues one day or another , white like to do it as a game , poor you with the past i have to take you …