Server at Franklin TN Red Lobster Posts Photo of Receipt with Racist Note Written by Customer

Did the racist bigots in the Deep South strike again?  A server at a Red Lobster restaurant in Tennessee posted this photograph of a receipt allegedly left for her by a customer with a racist comment written on it. Is this picture a fake or is an innocent customer being railroaded? By the way, the page has been removed. Toni Christina Jenkins may have miscalculated the power of social media.

Server Posts Receipt with Racial Slur Purportedly Written by Red Lobster Customer
Server Posts Receipt with Racial Slur Purportedly Written by Red Lobster Customer (Facebook screenshot)


  • quick_quip

    Lying POS Surprised you can spell, Shaniqua.

    • a concerned citizen

      Way to be racist. You are no better than her if she forged this.

  • J

    This is fake you idiots. She wrote the N-word on there herself.

  • Vivian Nessa

    looks fake to me

  • a concerned citizen

    Obviously forged. The difference between the tip/signature lines and the total line is blatantly obvious. Almost laughably obvious. I wonder how employers feel about their employees posting private information onto public forums like this? I assume the customer is going to be irate. Especially if this ends up being fake. Which it appears to be.,

  • a concerned citizen

    fakehatecrimes dot org

  • Tracey Pullum

    I know the people and they did not do that. The waitress was mad about not getting a tip for poor service and wrote that herself. Any fool can see the different color of ink and different handwriting. They are being harassed. I would sue her ass off!

    • a concerned citizen

      Well I hope you tell them to consider suing Red Lobster for defamation of character and pain and suffering.