Franklin E. McCain Sr., Civil Rights Sit-In Pioneer & One of ‘Greensboro Four,’ Dies

Franklin E. McCain Sr., One of 'Greensboro Four,' Dies
Franklin E. McCain Sr., (l) One of ‘Greensboro Four,’ Dies (Photo credit: Joe Moebes/NPR)

Franklin E. McCain Sr., of the “Greensboro Four,” died Thursday from respiratory complications. McCain was one of the four freshmen from North Carolina A&T State University who staged a sit-in at a whites-only Woolworth’s lunch counter on February 1, 1960.

Franklin McCain was joined by Joseph McNeil, Ezell Blair Jr. and David Richmond in the sit-ins, which grew to 50 cities in nine states. The Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro desegregated within six months of the sit-ins.

Franklin E. McCain Sr. is survived by three sons and six grandchildren. His wife died last January.

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