RealityTV: Shocking Confession Rocks Latest Episode of ‘Paternity Court’

RealityTV: Shocking Confession Rocks Latest Episode of 'Paternity Court'
RealityTV: Shocking Confession Rocks Latest Episode of ‘Paternity Court’

It is hard to say which freshman season episode of PATERNITY COURT (@PaternityCourt) is tops, but I guarantee you the episode entitled RAYSOR/HUNT VS HAMMONDS is in the Top 3.  If you doubt me, I challenge you to watch several shows, including the one noted above, and tell me how you’d rate.  #PaternityCourt

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The episode begins with two siblings suing their parents after having overheard them during an argument.  As Bailiff Jermone Hamilton (@Jerome_Hamilton) handed Judge Lauren Lake (@LaurenLakeEnt) the case file – it was clear Pandora’s box would be opened and uncertainty  would consume the courtroom occupants.

The litigating siblings – Hector Hunt and Precious Raysor – are suing the ONLY PARENTS THEY HAVE EVER KNOWN, Richard Jacobs and Daisy Hammonds.  What led to this?

Judge Lakes asked, “…Ms. Raysor tell us about the argument you and your brother overheard.”  If you’re at all familiar with this show you already know someone must have – in the heat of an argument – made an angry confession.  Ms. Raysor – a 26 years old woman engaged to be married – shares, “I started to hear a lot of noise in my mom’s bedroom.  He coming out the room going into the kitchen saying, ‘Well, those aren’t my kids anyways, so I was doing you a favor.”  The crowd in the courtroom reacts.

Mr. Richard Jacobs, the father, failed in his attempt to persuade his children that they hadn’t heard the entire argument and therefore could not fully understand the comments made.  Daisy Hammonds admits she spoke in anger when telling Mr. Jacobs that he wasn’t the children’s father.

Hector Hunt, 33 year old son, recalls – “I was sitting in the living room playing video games with my friends.  I overheard what he said and it messed me up.  When he walked out the house I was in a state of shock…me and my friends were sitting there like ‘WOW’.”

The episode continued with the daughter questioning her parents regarding her paternity concerns.  Daisy, the mother, looked nervous and spoke with hesitancy throughout the exchange.  In one instance, Hector blurted out in the court room “So, what were you doing mom?”

Precious, visibly shaken by the entire set of events, continues to challenge her parents, and primarily blames her mother for saying such damaging words in anger.  She believes her mother’s angry statement is the reason for the pain she and her brother are experiencing.  Using exaggerated hand gestures, Precious questioned, “Is there something you need to tell us?  Is there something you need to tell me?” Daisy Hammonds respondes, “Maybe, I don’t know.  I don’t know who’s the father – I just don’t know.

And THIS was just the beginning.

On a large TV monitor is shown a man named Tommy Farmer.  Tommy is believed in the community to be the father of Precious.  Tommy and Daisy had been intimate during the time of Precious’ conception, however, up to this point Mrs. Hammonds claimed Tommy was her “play” brother.”   Upon learning the truth, Precious blurts out, “That’s Uncle Tommy…that’s just nasty, that’s just nasty!” she storms out the court room in disbelief that “Uncle Tommy” could possibility be her biological father.  #ButSheDoesReturn

Daisy Hammonds admits to a sexual relation with Tommy Farmer when Precious was conceived but admits she was not involved with him when Hector was conceived.

FAST FORWARD and hold on to your seats!

Although Mr. Richard Jacobs has concerns regarding the results of Tommy Farmer’s paternity test, he declares that whatever the results may be this is his family and his children are coming home with him.

As the results are read – it is determined that Mr. Tommy Farmer IS NOT the FATHER of Precious Raysor.  She shouts in exuberance, but soon finds out that Mr. Richard Jacobs IS NOT her FATHER either.  Daisy Hammonds has no clues as to who Daisy’s father might be.

The results for Hector Hunt take the entire broadcast into high gear.  The results confirmed that Mr. Richard Jacobs, the only father he has ever known, was also – NOT his FATHER.  Both siblings have been informed by Judge Lauren Lake that the man they believed was their father all their lives – ISN’T!

Following the paternity results, Judge Lake convenes the family in her chambers and while there Mrs. Daisy Hammonds has one more confession to make.

I have to tell Hector something,” stated Daisy who continued, “I am not his mother…He is my cousin’s son.  She died in child birth.”  Hector attempted to keep himself composed for the camera – until moments later when he let out a wail, from what seemed the depths of his soul.

The unfolding of a series of unfortunate events played out before the viewer’s eyes.  A daughter, Precious Raysor, in an effort to determine the identity of her biological father is informed that 1) the only man she has known as her father – IS NOT and 2) the brother she has only known as her biological sibling is actually her cousin.  #iCantBreathe

Mr. Richard Jacobs then questions his wife, “So, when I went to jail and you told me you were pregnant, you had me believing all this time that he was my son?” Without looking up or uttering a word, Hammonds simply nodded her head “yes”.  The family was in complete shock!  #iAmFlatlined

Judge Lauren Lake seeks to make the best out of it and does seek to explain the actions of Daisy Hammonds, but it appears to be too little too late.  Hector, wailing deeply, is consoled by his now cousin, Daisy, and by Mr. Jacobs. Hector has also discovered that his biological mother is deceased and is no closer to determining who his biological father is.

At the close, I was relieved to view a heartwarming update on the family since appearing on the show.  Both Precious and Hector appeared to be in good spirits.  Hector spoke, “…So far my moms and pops – we are getting along just fine.  I’ve decided to put the past behind me, my family is doing good. Besides all of the things that went on in the past we decided to put everything under the carpet and just start over with a clean slate.”

Is there anyone glad this family was on PATERNITY COURT with Judge Lauren Lake as I am? Many other shows seem to exploit their guests for greater ratings.  Judge Lauren Lake’s show tastefully addresses real life issues and produces real life results!


  • Blu-Shea Moninni

    Yeah I remember seeing this, it was heart wrenching,my Heart went out to Ms.Raysor & Mr.Hunt, I feel that no one is doing it like( Lauren Lake & Lynn Toler) I really feel the service they bring to day time Television is absolutely necessary) back to this case I think that the family was in the right place their in front of Lauren Lake She is Brilliant in the way she handle these cases, I love Paternity court & Divorce Court & as always your Article was off the chain just to let u know I am @ajstarr so happy 2 be on ur team!!~

  • just me

    You forgot to mention that at the very end Judge Lake wanted to know why Daisy Hammonds had the ‘father’ tested for Hector even though she knew that Hector was not her son. Turns out, the ‘father’ was ALSO sleeping with her COUSIN so even though she was not Hector’s mother, there was still a chance that he was Hector’s father!!!

    • Gloria Manuel Smith

      No not the father but the man that she was having the affair with, both her and the cousin was sleeping with the other man.