Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett: Don Lemon ‘Lacks Maturity’ & is ‘Al Sharpton of CNN’

Fox News Anchor Gregg Jarrett Calls Don Lemon 'Al Sharpton of CNN' Over Dunn Verdict
Fox News Anchor Gregg Jarrett Calls Don Lemon ‘Al Sharpton of CNN’ Over Dunn Verdict

Is anyone surprised that Fox News seems to be taking the side of Michael Dunn in the shooting of unarmed black teen Jordan Davis? How else would you explain Gregg Jarrett’s Twitter spat with CNN’s Don Lemon for being angry that the jury was deadlocked on the murder charge? Jarrett is now calling Lemon the “Al Sharpton of CNN.” Um, who is he?

Jarrett, seeking some relevance, continued his criticism on Monday, both on Fox News and Fox News Radio. Um, he couldn’t go anywhere else? Breitbart maybe?

You will recall Gregg Jarrett, who hadn’t tweeted since September 2013, attacked Don Lemon as a “pompous, pretentious jerk” for having an opinion on the verdict — as a black man who had been racially profiled in the past. Lemon tweeted back, “Mind your business, old man.”

Of course, Gregg Jarrett took offense to being called an old man. Never mind the fact that it’s an expression used by many, Jarrett is claiming age discrimination. Lemon explained Monday night that his reference to ‘old man’ wasn’t about age, but about “old white guys in the media” as “people who have an old mentality.” Jarrett told Fox News Radio’s John Gibson that he may be an old man and “I bring to the table a lot of experience that he utterly lacks.” He suggested Don Lemon could “use a measure of maturity.” Nothing like painting the black man as immature, right? He ended his rant by saying, “I think he’s the Al Sharpton on CNN.”

Gregg Jarrett’s baby-wailing continued. During an appearance with Megyn Kelly (the one who said Santa Claus and Jesus are white), Jarrett said Don Lemon “set aside all measure of objectivity and he acted on-air as judge, jury, and executioner.” He said it “incensed” him, that Lemon “had the audacity to claim, on-air, that he knows better than these jurors.” He suggested if Don Lemon should “have a talk show” if he wants a forum to share his opinion on legal matters. So, it’s okay for the white guy to say whatever he wants, but when the black guy expresses some emotion, then all hell breaks loose.

Hey, Gregg Jarrett, crawl back under that rock you slide out from under.

  • Dweetta Adams

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  • Dweetta Adams

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  • Dweetta Adams


  • Dweetta Adams

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  • Dweetta Adams

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