Michael Dunn Caught in Several Inconsistencies During ‘Thug Music’ Murder Trial

Michael Dunn Caught in Several Inconsistencies During 'Thug Music' Murder Trial
Michael Dunn Caught in Several Inconsistencies During ‘Thug Music’ Murder Trial

#DunnTrial:  Michael Dunn took the witness stand in his ‘thug music’ murder case and he didn’t bat an eye, even after he was caught in several inconsistencies. Dunn claimed he riddled Tommie Stornes’ SUV with bullets because he feared for his lift. He said, “I thought I was going to be killed.” Um, that’s after he suddenly grew bionic ears and heard Jordan Davis’ profanity-laced death threats even though his window was turned up and the music blaring from the SUV. He claimed during his testimony that he had little hearing in his right ear due to a scuba diving accident as a child.

Dunn, who was dressed in a white shirt, green sweater and tie, choked up when he talked about his girlfriend and their dog Charlie. Er, no remorse for the 17-year-old trash-talking kid he gunned down. The shooting occurred at a Gate Gas Station where Dunn and his fiancée, Rhonda Rouer, stopped to buy white wine and chips on their way back from his son’s wedding. Um, this is the son who had only seen him three times in 15 years. Some close relationship, right?

Dunn said that the music wasn’t playing when they parked next to the SUV, though his girlfriend was pretty clear on what he said about the music — “I hate that thug music.” He got on the witness stand and denied saying that. He claimed he said, “that rap crap.”

He said, “My rear view mirror was shaking, my eardrums were vibrating. It was ridiculously loud.” Most people, would simply find another parking space or leave quickly after purchasing whatever they came to buy. I certainly would not start an argument with anyone over loud music, much less pull out a gun and shoot when they got the better of me. The fact remains, Michael Dunn could have just driven off and all this would have been avoided.

Instead of taking the high road, Dunn said the young men in the Dodge Durango started using expletives after he asked them to turn the music down. They complied but turned it back up with Jordan Davis instructed them to. He said, “I start hearing things like F-him and F-that.  It was mean-spirited.” #YouThink?

Michael Dunn and Rhonda Rouer fled the scene and later ordered pizza and walked the dog. At no time did either of them bother to call the police. They both had cellphones and had a phone in their hotel room. If Michael Dunn truly acted in self-defense, he could have left the gas station, pulled into a safe location and called the cops to report the shooting. Instead, he chose to lay low for a few days. He has such a sense of white entitlement that he felt he could chose which officer he wanted to tell his version of the shooting. He called a neighborhood cop to divulge the series of events that led up to Jordan Davis’ murder. He claims the officer called him at the request of a mutual friend, but prosecutor John Guy got him to admit, after producing phone records, that he was the one who called that officer. Boom. Another inconsistency.

Cory Strolla, Dunn’s attorney, told the jury in his opening statement that his client only started shooting after seeing what looked like the barrel of a gun or a lead pipe through the Durango’s back passenger window and that he acted in self-defense because he was in imminent danger. Um, the last time I checked, you can’t just shoot someone because you thought they had a gun. Yeah, Cory Strolla spun a lot of fairy tales during the course of the trial and it will only backfire for his client. Dunn also claims that Jordan Davis attempted to get out of the SUV, even opening the door. The fact is, his car and the Dodge was parked a little too close for comfort and there was no way Jordan Davis could have alighted from that vehicle without hitting Dunn’s car. There was no-0ne to corroborate Dunn’s assertion. The fact is, police found no weapon in the Durango after the shooting. The fact is, Jordan Davis was leaning to the left, away from Michael Dunn when he was shot three times.

The prosecutor hit a home run when they asked Michael Dunn if he had told Rhonda Rouer that he saw a gun in the teens’ SUV after the shooting. He said he told her multiple times. Um, one problem….Rhonda Rouer said he had not. Boom. The fact is, she showed that Michael Dunn is a LIAR. So much for that wedding….I found her to be a credible witness, though I believe there were grounds for her arrest, but the cops were really after Michael Dunn.

The prosecution also introduced his racist jailhouse letters. Boom. The prosecution also played parts of the interrogation tape conducted by Dets. Marc Musser and Travis Oliver. It clearly showed the cops did not believe what Dunn was saying and they challenged him on his inconsistencies.  The police told Michael Dunn, “law doesn’t allow me to shoot them because I think they have a weapon.”

Stay tuned for closing arguments, which are expected to start at 10 a.m. Wednesday, followed by jury instructions and then the fate of Michael Dunn will be in the hands of the jury.  Dunn is being tried on one count of first-degree murder, three counts of attempted first-degree murder and one count of firing a deadly missile into an occupied vehicle on November 23, 2012, that led to the murder of Jordan Davis. This latest shooting thrusts Florida, dubbed the #GunshineState, in the national spotlight for the “Stand Your Ground” law that must be repealed.

By the way…..Michael Skolnik, editor of Russell Simmons’ Global Grind, issued a public apology to Jordan Davis’ parents. Um, really? The one who should be apologizing for this crime are Michael Dunn and Rhonda Rouer and people who take the law into their own hands. Skolnik wrote:

On behalf of the people of the United States of America, I would like to publicly apologize to the parents of Jordan Davis, Ron Davis and Lucia McBath.  Mr. Davis and Ms. McBath, we owe you our deepest regrets for the loss of your son.  We beg for your forgiveness for not protecting one of our own. We are embarrassed by the consequences of our lack of participation in the political process that has allowed laws to be passed that encourage the citizens of this nation to shoot first and get asked no questions later.  This land is your land, yet with no explanation, your son was killed on his own soil.  It is our greatest hope and prayer that this nation, our nation, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, delivers justice for the death of your child.  A child who has been defined by “loud music,” yet it is the melody of your grace and compassion that deserves a harmonic apology.  And it will be you who defines the legacy of your son, not any media outlet and certainly not the outcome of a murder trial.

Watch Michael Dunn’s Police Interrogation:

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