Thanks to Social Media, Pick-Up Lines Have Evolved

What's the Best Pick-Up Line You Have Ever Heard?
What’s the Best Pick-Up Line You Have Ever Heard?

Do you remember the pick-up line “What’s your sign?”  Pick-Up lines have always been used to engage others through amusement in the hopes of gaining phone numbers or dates. 

I hit up a few of my high profile social media friends seeking to know what Pick-Up lines they were familiar with.  Ben Tankard (@BenTankard), patriarch of the freshman-sensation Reality TV Show THICKER THAN WATER shared a line he’d heard in the past, “Heaven must be very depressed, because they lost their finest angel when they sent you to me!”

Pick-Up lines many even take on a religious tone.  Stacey Speller (‏@speaktostacey) – the author of, Lifestyle Designer and Speaker with The ICAN John Maxwell Company Africa – shared a line she’d encountered, “Do you believe in God? Because you are exactly what I’ve been praying for.

Some Pick Up Lines are flirtatious, as expressed by Gregg Leakes ‏(@greggleakes)  – Lead Husband of the Reality TV Show REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, “Ain’t nothing between us but air & opportunity ( waving your hands), I just moved the air!”  The insinuation here is since ‘the speaker’ has ‘moved the air’ the only thing that remains is for ‘the hearer’ to instigate the ‘opportunity.’

In other cases, Pick-Up Lines can take on a very overt sexual tone.  Reza Farahan ‏(@RezaFarahan), Super Star of the Reality TV Show SHAHS OF SUNSET shared, “…someone said to me: ‘F*ck me if I’m wrong, but didn’t we meet at the Cannes Film Festival last year?’ Needless to say, we had not!”

However, with the advent of Social Media and Private messaging – Pick-Up lines have become more bold and, in some cases, they’ve even been used with malicious intent.

Most people hate rejection and using a bad Pick Up line can make you the butt of many jokes, especially for those too immature to just say “Thank you but I am already taken.”  Getting laughed at can seriously damage a person’s ego and can be emotionally debilitating.  Who wants to be perceived as creepy or below standard?  So, how do you avoid public rejection while still taking your shot?

There are three ways of gaining someone’s attention using Social Media most people aren’t aware of. We will review them now for your protection.

#1:  The Inbox Message “HI” – Part One

You are on Your Facebook and up pops a private inbox message with a single word “HI.”   You have two options – You can ignore it and pretend like you didn’t see it or you can engage.  The problem with ignoring the message is that Facebook has now established protocols that date stamp the time you actually viewed a message. If you seek to engage, you need to be aware that the person on the other end may not be who they have presented themselves to be. You may believe you are being engaged by a real person, but instead you are engaging a dating or porn site seeking to promote their services on your Timeline.

It’s always humorous to see men, especially married or of the cloth, post on their Social Media pages that they’ve been “hacked”.  Well, hacking doesn’t take place without a purposeful “CLICK”.  Although the initial message is to seem innocent, the purpose of the message is all but innocent. The person sending the message doesn’t so much want to correspond with the receiver as they desire to send photos for them to view. For men, the photo is typically of a curvaceous heavy breasted woman with flawless skin and an alluring look which seems to say, “I want to eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner then for dessert …”  #IJS

Many times, simply out of curiosity, the recipient CLICKS.  #BigMistake

What follows is a barrage of crazy, sexually suggestive photographs or a portal that leads to sexually explicit sites that pose under the guise of an Athletic Shoes site. Not a good look for a clergyman or a married man. #BeCarefulWhatYouCLICK

#2: The “POKE” Button

The innocent POKE button is supposed to be simply to determine if its recipient is available, however, when you receive a POKE and return the POKE in response which then leads to a ping pong Poking match, something wholly different is occurring.

When the POKE button is clicked back and forth between two people – they are having, what some report as, a form of Cyber sex.  Some women have even reported as having Orgasms and men serious erections simply based on this back and forth POKING.  The exchange impacts the two in a fashion that is intense and each POKE is likened to a sexual encounter that takes place in their minds but affects their bodies in real time.  If there is such a thing as Cyber-Adultery – the POKE button is how it is done.

#3: The Inbox Message “HI” – Part II

Although we’ve spoken briefly about the intent of the inbox “HI” message, there is a second intent to this message.  The second part of this Pick Up lines is used by those of the Same Sex seeking to determine if you are a member of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Community.

In most cases, if you engage the sender after they’ve sent their first “HI” message – it will not take long before they share with you their true intent.  Now, in certain circumstances this could be a scheme used by heterosexual people to frame prominent Gay people who are still in the “closet” and many times to extort them financially. There are, unfortunately, a lot of people who will pay money to ensure their sexual preferences remains cloaked. Armed with Inbox Chat and maybe a few naked photos – the initial “HI” message has then become an issue of GAME-SET-MATCH.  #PayUpTime

In other cases, the message could be someone who is openly homosexual and finds you attractive.  For some heterosexuals, being HIT ON by a homosexual is considered a compliment.  Unfortunately, for others, it can turn into a violent exchange in Cyberspace.  In many of those cases, threats are made and the only way of stopping them is that someone blocks the other so that no further contact or conflict can occur.


I asked a collection of Social Media Friends the following question and here are their replies:

What is the best PICK UP line you have ever heard?

Letty Del Val Peters of California, “Do you have a sunburn or are you always this hot.”

William Avery of Alabama, “Excuse me, but you may not know me, but I know a little bit about you! I know that you need food to eat and shelter to protect yourself from the elements. I know that we could make this thing work, but how would we ever know if you don’t give me a chance?”

Nichele Johnson of California, “HIM: “Have we met” | ME: I don’t believe so? | HIM: You were in my dreams…

Stacey Speller of [], “Would you mind giving me directions?  ‘Where?’  Straight to your heart.


  • IamCourtneyLuv

    Hey, I just feel that social media has given power to the voiceless person. It is almost as if folks have some type of super power when it comes to pick up lines and dating. Maybe I am overthinking but it seems as if the computer serve as a “feeling saving barrier.” Rejection is not as hard because they have open access to move on to the next follower.