“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Star Benzino Shot While Driving in Mother’s Funeral Procession

"Love & Hip Hop" Star Benzino Shot While Driving in Mother's Funeral Procession
“Love & Hip Hop” Star Benzino Shot While Driving in Mother’s Funeral Procession (Credit: Instagram)

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Benzino, whose real name is Raymond Scott, was shot Saturday afternoon while driving in his mother,Mary Scott’s funeral procession in Duxbury, Mass. He was allegedly shot by nephew Gai Scott during an argument.

TMZ reports:  We’re told Benzino — former owner of The Source magazine — was shot after an argument erupted between family members in the funeral procession.

Benzino was hit and he was rushed to the hospital.

Remarkably … the rest of the family went on with the funeral and the preacher says when they arrived both the limo and the hearse were blood stained — according to reports. Benzino is currently in the hospital.

Gai Scott, 36, was arrested and charged with assault and intent to murder. Sources say the suspect pulled up in his Bentley next to Benzino’s red Dodge SUV and opened fire, hitting him three times. Scott’s arraignment is scheduled for Monday in Plymouth District Court. Mary Scott died March 20.

  • Just the facts ma’am.

    IF we here at Hinterland Gazette DARED to make note of a PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR and how the “Love & Hip Hop In Atlanta” crowd is indistinguishable from the “ABC Scandal Viewing Party Crowd” THEN our journalism might take us somewhere we just don’t want to go: Having To REGULATE these forces that have UNCHECKED influence upon the Black Community.