Half-Term Gov. Sarah Palin’s New Web TV Network Pricier Than Netflix

Half-Term Gov. Sarah Palin's New "Network" Pricier Than Netflix
Half-Term Gov. Sarah Palin’s New “Network” Pricier Than Netflix

Half-term Alaska governor and failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is taking her sideshow to the web with a focus on American politics via her own network, The Sarah Palin Channel.  Um, this is too funny. The Sarah Palin Channel is a Glenn Beck knock-off.  Palin took to Twitter to peddle for prospective viewers. Only one problem….Netflix is cheaper.

Sarah Palin is returning to her roots in low-budget televisionbut this time, she’s  on the web, the focus is American politics, and she owns the network. The Sarah Palin Channel launched Sunday, asking prospective viewers for $9.95 per month–96 cents more than Netflix–or $99.95 a year. (No word on whether subscribers get money back if Palin decides to stick with the project for only half of that term.) The cost is the same as GBTV, the web-TV channel run by Glenn Beck, a role model for wealthy media figures who hope to monetize the cult of personality they’ve built up by expertly playing to the cultural affinities and anxieties of Red America.

“We’ll go beyond the sound bites and the media’s politically correct filter to get to the truth,” she promised new subscribers in a welcome video that blends Beck with a twist of Arianna Huffington at the end. “We’ll boldly take on any issue—those issues that the powers that be don’t want to cover,” she declared, exuding faux-boldness. “I’ll let you know what’s on my mind and you’ll be able to do the same in the video chats we’ll set up where you can ask me anything. So welcome to our channel. Together let’s do this, let’s live life vibrantly, purposefully, and boldly.” Source: The Atlantic

I pity the person who gets his or her news solely from the Sarah Palin Channel, full of insights from its namesake and her daughter, the “accomplished” Bristol Palin. We have John McCain to thank for this sideshow.

  • Wow Janet.
    Talk about a “War On Women”.

    After all of the talk about:
    *The dearth of Women with POWER in the broadcast industry
    * The lack of diverse voices in the media
    * The monopoly corporate control over the media
    * Media consolidation
    * Net Neutrality (where big players can pay their way into a favorable position”
    * Dying Black Owned Media
    * Corporate Purchase Of “Black Owned Media”, thus curtailing their “essence”

    Despite all of these points that you have advocated over time……it seems that it is not “FEMINIST UNITY” or even “RACIAL GAINS” that you appear to advocate for.

    IDEOLOGICAL PROPAGATION appears to be “Job #1 For Hinterland Gazette”.