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Petty: Iggy Azalea Accused of Hijacking Southern Black Women’s Culture

Petty:  Iggy Azalea Accused of Hijacking Southern Black Women's Culture

Petty: Iggy Azalea Accused of Hijacking Southern Black Women’s Culture (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Iggy Azalea has been accused of hijacking Southern black women’s culture since she became an Atlanta-style rapper. Um, it’s being called the “white appropriation of Hip Hop music.” So, I am guessing that everyone who imitated Bob Marley and other reggae singers hijacked the Jamaican reggae culture. I mean groups like UB40. Is this all we can find to whine about? Really people?

Iggy is a protégé of T.I., one of my all-time favorite rappers. Though T.I. is known for Atlanta-style, crunk Southern bravado that is a hallmark of Black culture in that city, recently he expressed disappointment that “we’re at a place in America where we still see color.” Apparently, color is only relevant when he’s talking about racist acts against Black men, but not when he has to think through his complicity in white appropriation of Hip Hop music.

As a born-and-raised Southern girl, who believes that lazy summer evenings are best spent with your top back or your sun roof open, bass-heavy music booming through nice speakers, while you slowly make a few blocks through the neighborhood, to see who’s out and what’s poppin,’  I resent Iggy Azalea for her co-optation and appropriation of sonic Southern Blackness, particularly the sonic Blackness of Southern Black women. Everytime she raps the line “tell me how you luv dat,” in her song “Fancy,” I want to scream “I don’t love dat!” I hate it. The line is offensive because this Australian born-and-raised white girl almost convincingly mimics the sonic register of a downhome Atlanta girl.

This article was just nothing more than near-sighted pettiness. Read the entire article at Salon.

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