Donald Trump Blames Media and Republican Voters for Iowa Caucus Loss

Donald trump blames media, iowa for loss
Donald Trump Blames Media and Iowans for His Shellacking by Ted Cruz [Photo Credit: Wikipedia]
Donald Trump is blaming everyone except himself for his shellacking in the Iowa caucus on Monday night. He broke his 15-hour silence to say the “media didn’t cover me fairly.” Woe is me!

Trump went after Iowa voters saying “I don’t believe I have been given any credit by the voters for self-funding my campaign, the only one.” So much for that humble concession speech last night.

What ever dude. Just take your lickin’ and move on. This just goes to show that Donald Trump isn’t really in this for the right reasons. It’s like winning the ratings sweeps. He likes to brag about how he is leading in the polls. Guess what? Those polls were wrong. In reality, he may not be as popular as the polls are saying:

Nate Cohn: “In the end, Mr. Trump came closer to taking third than to winning.”

“The result doesn’t necessarily leave us much closer to knowing who the eventual nominee will be. It probably signals the beginning of a protracted, three-way fight for the nomination. But the loss raises the possibility that Mr. Trump’s strength is at least partly an illusion; he may not be quite as strong as he looks.”

Nate Silver: “There may have been a more basic reason for Trump’s loss: The dude just ain’t all that popular. Even among Republicans.”

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