Portia Simpson Miller Legacy in Jeopardy As PNP Campaign Funds Scandal Deepens

The deepening PNP campaign funds scandal stemming from the February 25, 2016, general election threatens Portia Simpson-Miller’s legacy as the party’s leader. The Trafigura scandal has already left a black mark on her legacy.

portia simpson miller pnp campaign funds scandal
Portia Simpson Miller Legacy in Jeopardy As PNP Campaign Funds Scandal Deepens [Photo Credit: Wikipedia]
The latest scandal stems from a report from then PNP treasurer Norman Horne that claims five senior members of the party did not declare some of the campaign donations they received.

“These persons were actively in the market for what seemed to be sole benefit of their personal campaigns and collected significant amounts from members of the private sector who were earmarked by the treasury as potential substantial donors for the benefit of the PNP as one cohesive unit,” said a section of the Horne report.


According to the party insiders, in one instance, a foreign entity contributed US$20 million to the PNP, but this was collected by a high-ranking party official and not turned over to the treasury.

Another senior member reportedly collected several million dollars from members of the local business community. In another case, millions of dollars were collected by another senior PNP member, who it is alleged told the contributors not to give any money to Horne or the party’s General Secretary Paul Burke.

“One of the persons they pointing finger at is not true. That person handed over the most money as a minister. But there are others and the people told us,” said the PNP insider. Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Shouldn’t Mr. Horne have named the five people involved instead of left the general public speculating who these people are? In most cases, the cover-up is worst than the crime. Why is he shielding these five people? If they stole the money, shouldn’t they be charged with crimes and brought to justice?

I have been very critical of Portia Simpson Miller because I don’t believe she is a good leader. This is yet another example of her leading from behind. She should be calling for a thorough investigation, as well as criminal charges for those who pocketed donations. Not opting to stay mum. In a previous rant, she said there is only one leader of the party, but that is not the case. Had there been a cohesive message, along with clear-cut processes on who handles the money, the party would not be in this mess today. Once again, she bungled her responsibility. Let’s not forget her weak leadership on the chikungunya outbreak and dead babies scandal.

These are the people who were running Jamaica into the ground. Some are nothing more than a bunch of thieves lining their pockets with the people’s money. Let’s not forget Peter Phillips attacked Prime Minister Andrew Holness over his “mansion,” as though to suggest they got the money through shady means. Guess which party is the shady one?

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