Portia Simpson Miller Claims Ignorance About PNP Campaign Funds Scandal

Jamaica’s Opposition Leader Portia Simpson Miller called for an investigation into the PNP campaign funds scandal after claiming she had no knowledge about the missing funds. Um, right.

portia pnp campaign funds scandal
Portia Calls for Probe Into PNP Campaign Funds Scandal After Claiming Ignorance [Photo Credit: Facebook]
The Jamaica Observer reports Simpson Miller asked “what missing funds?” in response to questions from reporters about PNP Treasurer Norman Horne’s report about the missing campaign funds.

When pressed about the report, Simpson Miller said, “I don’t know about that. Where, who, what? They have been keeping me very busy on the road. I’ll have to check it when I get home later,” the newspaper reports.

Are you kidding me? This story broke on August 22, one month after Horne’s report was given to the PNP.  Wasn’t Portia at the party’s National Executive Council meeting on July 23-24? That’s when he “accused some candidates of not remitting campaign donations,” the Jamaica Observer reports.

Where has Portia been? Does she even read with comprehension?

This is yet another glaring example of Simpson-Miller leading from behind. She has no clue about anything. That’s how she ran the country — recklessly and in complete ignorance.

This plea of ignorance is in the same vein as the Trafigura scandal, dead babies scandal and the bungling of the chikungunya outbreak. She is a feckless, know-nothing leader who should be forced to step aside as the party’s leader.

Separately, Paul Burke is under fire after Omar Davies accused him of implicating him in the PNP campaign funds scandal,  implying he had collected millions of US dollars from a Chinese firm and did not turn it over to the party.

So, if Paul Burke had knowledge of the missing funds, how is that that Portia didn’t? Isn’t he a part of her inner circle? Jamaica, you deserve better than this.