FBI Complaint Filed Against Rudy Giuliani for Knowledge of Russian Hacks

A FBI complaint has been filed against Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani over his knowledge about the Russian hacking of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

rudy giuliani
FBI Complaint Filed Against Rudy Giuliani for Knowledge of Russian Hacks [Photo Credit: Donkey Hotey]
The complaint was filed by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump on Friday.

DCAT said in a news release, “In July, Giuliani said that Russia has the 33,000 emails deleted from Clinton’s private email server, going on to say that he does “cybersecurity for a living” so it’s a subject he knows according to a Politico article. Giuliani then stated, “The Russians have those emails, they’ve had them for some time.””

“Rudy Giuliani stated that he knew the Russians had hacked into and stole property that belonged to Secretary Clinton, it doesn’t get much more clear-cut than that,” said Scott Dworkin, Senior Advisor to the Coalition.

“It’s not surprising that someone so close to Trump’s campaign would have knowledge of the attacks perpetrated at the hand of a foreign government.”

Read the complaint filed with the FBI against Giuliani:

“We are requesting that the FBI immediately look into the connection between Rudy Giuliani and the the connection to any possible recent hackings believed to be done by Russian government. In July of this year, Giuliani said that, “the Russians have those emails, they’ve had them for some time,” referring to the emails that were deleted from Clinton’s server. Clearly Rudy Giuliani had some contact with the Russian government, where he would be able to say so confidently that the Russians had the stolen emails.”

Giuliani is under fire for going on Fox News and saying a “pretty big surprise” was coming two days before FBI Director James Comey sent a letter about Hillary Clinton’s emails to Congress.

  • KJ

    Charges filed with the FBI? The same FBI that is campaigning for tRump? Yeah, that’ll work…

  • Duh, Laws don’t apply rich republicans

  • Meid_ICH

    Anybody think it’s dangerous that a member of the Trump campaign team knew about these e-mails and publicly boasted about it? I do, and it’s terrifying. Giuliani has sold his allegiance to a hostile foreign gov’t, arguably America’s most dangerous enemy who wants to take control of the United States, and now his patsy is on his way into the White House if the 538 Electors don’t vote for the candidate who won “the sense of the people”. i.e., the popular vote winner.

    • Chili Dogg

      Um, sorry, Meid, the presidential election doesn’t work that way.

      • Meid_ICH

        Um, Chili, you don’t have a clue how the Electoral College is supposed to work, do you? And it’s not a rubber-stamp for the partisan Republican Party–or Putin, for that matter.

        You’d otherwise reserve your stupid remark for your fellow Trumpdummies. Of course, Republican Electors will do as they’re told and vote Party over country and Party over democracy. Republicans are closeted dictators, and that’s why they’re all so warm and fuzzy for Putin. Ronald Reagan is rolling in his grave by what his Party has become – a autocratic regime.

        I’m so happy I live in California. It’s those ignorant Red Stater Deplorables who are going to get hurt the worst by this Putin-puppet.

  • Smarter than Your Average Bear

    Your headline makes it look like the FBI filed the complaint. That’s clickbait.